Nature Night Connection: Permanent Resident George Clinton Leib and his Batty Discovery

With Nature Nights: Bat & Moth Night on the horizon, we want to highlight the connection between bats and The Woodlands. Clinton Leib, discoverer of the bat species Myotis Leibii is buried at The Woodlands. This was uncovered through the research done by a group of Masterman High School AP US History Students a few years ago.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1809, George Clinton Leib was a graduate of Norwich University and graduate of University of Pennsylvania. In addition to being a doctor, he was a naturalist, leading member of the Academy of Natural Sciences (a nature night partner!), ornithologist, and researcher for the National Institute for the Promotion of Science. Despite this great work and the discovery of the Myotis Leibii (also known as the Eastern Small-Footed Bat), he was a 44-year resident at the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane. Although George Leib spent most of his life institutionalized, the students found many documents about him, including many of his published works.

Learn more about Leib’s discovery, the Myotis Leibii, also know as the Eastern Small-Footed Bat here.

Nature Nights: Bat & Moth Night
Thursday, August 17th
6PM - 10PM

Pack a picnic and grab your flashlight to explore nature at The Woodlands after dark. Craft away with University City Arts League, snack on your favorite summer flavors from Lil' Pop Shop, and learn about Bat Count: A Citizen Science Story with author Anna Forrester. The Academy of Natural Sciences will be showing off unique species from their collections and ID-ing the moths who call The Woodlands home. Activities will be happening throughout the evening pending available light.

Scientists from the Sewall Lab of Temple University will be leading the Bat Walk at 8:30PM. Don't miss the chance to walk through The Woodlands to find our night-time flyers! Get excited with this video of Bats eating Moths!

Reminder: Bats and Moths don't start to fly until dusk, so for the best viewing, plan to stay out a little late!