Bring your Book Club for a Signature of All Things-inspired tour!

The Woodlands has now become so intrinsically entwined in my mind with White Acre that I can scarcely tell the two apart. I’ve been so grateful, as well, to the welcome that the curators of this great American treasure have given me — to the grounds, to the rooms, to the history. My hope is that my imagined story will draw very real readers to this very real place, so that The Woodlands will continue to get the appreciation it so richly deserves!

--- Elizabeth Gilbert

Is your book club reading Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of All Things? The Woodlands is excited to offer tours of the setting that inspired White Acre to groups of readers. We'll also provide your book club with a space for discussion of the book and have someone on hand to tell you more about the real botanical history of the The Woodlands.

During your club's 2-hour visit, The Woodlands' staff will lead your group on a tour of the mansion, sharing with you the parallels of Alma's story and the story of William Hamilton, the real-life botanist who built The Woodlands mansion and imported plants from all over the world. We'll show you the dining room, where Henry Whittaker hosted his dinner parties, and other spaces not open during our regular tours: the hidden "binding closet" in the library; Hanneke's basement bedroom; and the stable where Alma created her study and spends her days researching moss.

After the tour, your book club may convene in the parlor of the mansion or on the grand two-storied portico overlooking the river to share discussions of the book, enjoy cocktails, and toast to the stories of The Woodlands and White Acre. We'll tell you more about how Elizabeth Gilbert discovered The Woodlands and our plans for future restoration of the 18th century mansion and stable.

Availbility for book club tours is limited, and all tours must be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance. Book club visits are $20/person (minimum of 10 people, maximum of 20 people). Groups are welcome to bring snacks and beverages for their post-tour book club discussion. Tours will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Payment is due 14 days prior to your book club's visit. There will be no refunds should your group cancel the visit, but The Woodlands will allow for tours to be rescheduled at least 7 days in advance of your scheduled visit.

Contact us to schedule your book club's visit!

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